Houses, Malka Vereya village

Stara Zagora
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26,000 eur w/t VAT
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Ref.: 224-260-S
Area: 157 m2
Type: Residential properties
Location: Malka Vereya village, see on map
Phone: +359 2 950 53 34
+359 2 950 65 33

Piraeus Properties is pleased to present to your attention a residential complex consisting of 20 houses, located in Malka Vereya village, Atyuren dstr., Stara Zagora region. The district is located in the western part of town about 6 km. from the center of Stara Zagora. Nearby is located University of Trakia and Studentski grad dstr. The buildings have different stage of completion.

  • Total area of 11 662,41 sq.m.
  • Sale price: All houses have separate individual prices:

224-S Afrodita 242,24sq.m. € 45,500.00 without VAT

225-S Minokos D3 227,47sq.m. € 33,400 without VAT

226-S Minokos D4 234,62sq.m. € 30,000 without VAT

228-S Azhur MD4 157,10sq.m. € 26,000 without VAT

230-S Azhur MD3 154,68sq.m. € 26,000 without VAT

232-S Minokos 2 D1 253,98sq.m. € 30,000 without VAT

233-S Minokos 2 D2 231,51sq.m. € 33,400 without VAT

234-S Minokos 2 D3 231,51sq.m. € 34,500 without VAT

235-S Minokos 2 D4 242,70sq.m. € 32,000 without VAT

236-S Raia 249,60sq.m. € 54,100 without VAT

238-S Kristal TD1 247,67sq.m. € 47,200 without VAT

239-S Kristal TD2 229,90sq.m. € 43,700 without VAT

240-S Kristal TD3 229,90sq.m. € 43,700 without VAT

241-S Kristal TD4 247,67sq.m. € 47,200 without VAT

242-S Ariadna 4 320,97sq.m. € 37,000 without VAT

243-S Atina 5 295,94sq.m. € 45,000 without VAT

244-S Boryana 1A 274,96sq.m. € 35,000 without VAT

249-S Boryana 2B 274,96sq.m. € 31,500 without VAT

254-S Atina 4 316,44sq.m. € 48,000 without VAT

259-S Kalina 4 332,71sq.m. € 61,000 without VAT

260-S Boryana 1B 274,96sq.m. € 45,500 without VAT

* This sale does not represent a public invitation to conclude a transaction within the meaning of Art. number 290 of the Commerce Act

** Disclaimer:
Piraeus Needvizhimi Imoti EOOD gives notice that: (1) The property descriptions do not form part of any offer or contract and must not be considered as statements or representations of fact. (2) Floor areas, measurements or distances given are approximate. Unless otherwise stated, any rents, or prices quoted are exclusive of VAT or relevant tax (3) Any descriptions of the properties shall not guarantee that these are in a good condition, free of contamination, or that the services and facilities are in working order. Interested parties are advised to carry out their own investigations.

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